A native of Phoenix and an Arizona wanderer, Cynthia has always been
 captivated by the rich fragrances of the desert. Two special favorites are
 the scent of the desert after a rain and the fragrance of citrus blossoms
 under the moonlight. These became the inspiration for two of Desert
 Salts’ most popular bath salts, “Phoenix” and “Moonlight.”

 Cynthia began working with Mother Nature’s flowers and herbs in her
 first massage therapy job at Elizabeth Arden’s Maine Chance Private Spa
 located in the eye of the Camelback Mountain on 110 acres, back in 1982.
 At that time, body mud, sea weed wraps, hot body waxes, and scented
 massage oils were all custom-made for the client on the spot. (There
 was no buying off the shelf back then.) This experience of creating her
 own products whetted Cynthia’s appetite to make her own. Friends and
 private clients who had luxuriated in the bath salts she had made for
 them, urged her on as well. The first appearance was at the Phoenician
 Hotel, here is where they began, to be known, for their beautiful scent
 of the desert.

 The salts have been made for hotels, spas, hospitals and retail shops around the United States.
 Sheraton’s Wild Horse Pass and Aji Spa, along with Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens, Sedona’s bed
 and breakfasts are among just a few who have supported Desert Salts in the past.

 Desert Salts products are made to balance and harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Blended with
 conscious intention and blessed at every step of production, the salts capture the healing power of the

 Salt has been one of the focal points for Cynthia’s healing work. She has consulted with doctors and
 medicine men who have prescribed Desert Salts products to relieve stress and cleanse the energy field
 of their patients. Through them, she has taught people to heal themselves, work with nature’s energies,
 and follow the laws of 4 spirit.

 Cynthia is passing her knowledge and love of these aromatic herbs and flowers onto aesthetician
 students from the National Aesthetics Institute in Tempe, AZ, to massage students in her professional
 massage classes and to practitioners in her Reiki classes at Phoenix College. Cynthia, too, uses her own
 creations to maintain harmony and balance in her life. The majority of her massage work is currently
 with cancer patients, both adults and children at Banner Desert Medical Center and bone marrow
 transplant patients at Good Samaritan Medical Center. The first stop for her at the end of a day is often
 a soak in her favorite scent, the “Phoenix” to sweep away a long hard day.
 At this time I would personally like to thank all of you who have participated in ideas and creation of
 Desert Salts with me. From, writing, drawing, blending, testing, experimenting, promoting, packaging,
 selling or buying these products, my family and friends, this could not have been done without you
 and without your encouragement and blessings. “What would LOVE do”? Exactly, what you did! With
 all my heart, I take this time to say, Thank you and I love you. Do I believe in miracles? No, you have
 taught me to expect them. Check back to the gallery once in awhile to see if your picture is up.
 Thank you for taking your time to look at this page. We would love to hear from you and post your











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