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Desert Salts Aromabody Therapy offers an outstanding line of aromatherapy products to revitalize, calm, refresh and balance your body, mind and spirit. We utilize the essential oils from Mother Nature which have long served as protective against physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease.

The creative scents of bath salts, body scrub, spirit mist, massage oil and pain relief oil are a part of the miracle and natural pharmacy we find in plants, flowers, and herbs.

  • All massage oils are mixed with 100% Pure Jojoba Oil grown in Arizona
  • All oils are from organically and ethically grown plants with no adulteration
  • No additives or preservatives are used in Desert Salts products
  • All items are specially hand-blended and packaged
  • The blessing from Mother Nature and the Creator helps your spirit heal
  • Be Well and Help Others!

    Desert Salts Aromabody Therapy has a primary purpose to Relax, Release and Rejuvenate the body from the everyday stress and heaviness that we all experience. Our products aid in relieving headaches, muscle tension, and pain. Get energized the natural way!

    Desert Salts Mission Statement

    The mission of Desert Salts is to create a
    mineral spa experience
    and provide a pure, local product
    that will enhance the “Peacemaker” in us all.

    Desert Salts® is a registered trademark. Heal the Body Cleanse the Soul™ is trademarked. 10% of all proceeds are donated to Integrative Touch for Kids Foundation www.IntegrativeTouch.Org and CASA (Center Against Sexual Abuse) www.CasaCares.Org

    Nature is the conscious reality that supplies order.

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    Cynthia Zimmerman

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